'In a world... where flash winters come every thirty seconds... you are a super powered squirrel who must collect whatever you can for food before the world freezes over.'

How To Play:

  • Click your Left Mouse button on the Squirrel and hold it down,
  • Drag your mouse away to 'fling' the squirrel and jump in the opposite direction you were pulling!
  • Collect all the acorns before time runs out!

Your Special Powers Include:

  1. Adorableness!
  2. Unlimited jumping strength and power!
  3. A wiggly and excitable tail!
  4. Wall clinging!
  5. Ability to turn acorn carbohydrates into literally more time!
  6. Did we mention adorableness?

Project Name:  “Acorns Per Second”

Design Start:  Thursday - 8/16/18

Development Start: Most likely 8/16/18 (@10PM/11PMish)

Planned Submission: Sunday, 8/19/18 (10PM CST)

Install instructions

Download the game via itch.io

Extract the squirrel from the zip file into it's own folder.

Assure the squirrel it is destined for greatness.

Find an old sentimental article of clothing (preferably blue.)

Cut out a small strip of cloth comfortable enough to be worn around two fingers.

Comfortably tie the strip of cloth around the squirrels neck to remind them that with great power comes great responsibility.

Ensure Unity has been installed on your PC (Squirrel require being one with the universe in order to access their powers.)

Announce 'Winter is coming! You must be quick!

Execute 'Acorns Per Second.exe',  now jump! Be swift!


Sunday 6.30PM - SUBMISSION-20180820T012050Z-001.zip 16 MB
Acorns Per Second Offical Soundtrack.zip 2 MB

Development log


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Nice! Took me about 5 tries. The last one I lost I only needed one more! Very fun.

Glad you stuck it out until you got to 'TheEnd' ;)

I won! it was super fun!


I don't need a game to tell me that you are a winner!

This is cool.


*sigh* Yeah, there is just something whimsical about being a squirrel.