A downloadable scissor lift, for days for Windows and macOS

Honk's job is cleaning up and resetting the first stage of video games.  

When the hero goes through, reaps all the rewards, and beats up all the bad guys, someone has to go through and ready it for the next hero. 

It's a tough job, but somebody's gotta do it.

WASD: movement

Space: jump

E: Pickup

Q: Drop

F: Interact

(Jump on top of the lifts and interact to raise them)


Coding Team: Stefan (@stefinism) // Dalton 

Art: Zack (@SquidLandGames)

Writing: Aurora (@post_epoch)

Music: Jesse

Production: Peter (@zettovyker)

Fun Facts:

The art of this game is made in the exact same software that animators use in Studio Ghibli Films.

Hank has previously done work for cleaning up various other game tiles!

Hank has a younger, taller brother named Louis who also work in the same industry.

Hank buys his Scissor lifts from L.I.F.T , which are the best scissor lifts IN THE WORLD.


SuperHonksLevelRepair_GGJ2020_initalBugFix.zip 45 MB
SuperHonksLevelRepair_GGJ2020_Initial.zip 8 MB

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