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“You Are Found” is a 2 -16 player puzzle game where players are trying to shift rows and columns on a grid in order to put all players in the correct positions. The game ends after all players agreed that they have been found, or 16 turns have passed (whichever happens first.)

Components -

32 Found Cards -

  • 16 copies of each Square, Circle, Triangle, and X shapes, in four different colors
  • Times two!

16 Lost cards - a numerical position 1-16 identifying where the players goal is

Set up - 

Divide the the Found Cards into two 16 card piles, each having their own full set of four shapes in four different colors. Shuffle up and deal one Found Card to each player. Each player should commit to memory what their exact color and shape is. After all players have their cards memorized, shuffle the second pile of Found Cards together again and deal them all face-up in a 4x4 grid.

  • Note: Players should agree what starting card is position 1 - 16 on the grid, or use a labeled sheet of paper numbered thusly.

Next - deal each player 1 Lost Card. The goal of the game is for each player to get their Found Card moved into their Lost Card Position.


The game ends after 16 full turns have been made, or after all players agree that they have been all found. (more on this later)

Actions - On a players turn, they may do two things in any order. 

  1. Push / pull any ONE column or row of cards.
  1. A card pushed off the board is inserted into the created missing spot on the grid
  1. Announce if they are lost or found.

Communication Restrictions!

In this game, players are not allowed to use gestures such as pointing, and can not talk normally. Players can only use these following words in any combination of their choosing.

  • "I", "am", "found", "you", "are", and "lost"

Meaning, players can create their own sentences such as “I am Found” and “I am lost” or can get creative, saying things like “Are you Lost?” or “Are you Found?”

End of Game - competitive vs cooperative win conditions


After players have had 16 turns, or after all players have said “I am found” in agreement, all players reveal their Lost Cards and check if all players are in the correct spot. If all players are in their assigned places, all players win! If they are not, all players lose.


Any player in their correct spot wins, and any player not in their correct spot loses.

Advanced Competitive Format (for 2 - 4 players)

Players are dealt a hand of 4 Found Cards and 4 Lost Cards. Players must then pair these cards up face down in four separate piles in front of them. The goal of the game is for players to achieve these set down pairs and then maneuver the board to do so.

Co operative vs Competitive modes

Coop: all players win if all players are successful in achieving their 4 pairs

Competitive: the player who achieves their 4 pairs first wins, (or has achieved the most by the end of the game)

Search and Deliver

Players are given Two Lost Cards denoting what space they are on the board and must push Found Cards to that spot to collect them. They are given an initial Found Card as their target,and after successfully moving that card to one of their pick up spots, they collect that card and pair it with the one in their had to be set aside to keep track of the score. Afterwords, they draw a new Found card as their new target to collect.

The player with the most collected cards at the end of the game wins!


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