The player controls the AI of a self plugging USB. They must overcome obstacles (including a tail that follows the movement of the player) to reach the goal of plugging into a USB port.

“WASD” to move.

“Spacebar” to Jump one space forward in the direction you are facing.

Programmers/Heros who stayed up till 6AM to finish the game:
Finn P. Petersen (
Alex kpoJb (

Graphic Designer/Art:  stewart (

Designer, Music, Sound: zettovyker (

Q. What made you choose to make this kind of game?

A. We were working with all our unique elements and put together what we could... essentially by brute force.

Q. How do I get past the water in stage one?

A. The space bar.

Q. Wait... a jumping USB Cord?

A. Yes. 

Q. Jumping is actually super glitchy... you can kind of just go through anything with it.

A. The USB-Driver is an excellent pilot who, when engaging their 'jumpdrive', is able to maneuver though any obstacle due to their years of intensive training.

Q. Will you guys take donations?

A. Aww, you crazy person you. If you'd like to support us, come find us individually at our links :)

Development log


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Well done!!! look forward to new levels!!


Love it!